Location: Massy, Paleseau, Saclay, Versailles_Ile de France_France
Status:  International Competition - 2008 
Program: Strategic Regional  Planning
Client: Municipalities of Massy, Paleseau, Saclay, Versailles
Architect: Skidmore Owings & Merril
Role: Project Architect: Ilaria Di Carlo
Graphics: Images courtesy of SOM. All rights reserved



Operation of National Interest_Les Nouvelles Couronnes Francaises: Preserve & Enhance Unique Contrasts.

The plan aimed to respond to the key urban challenges of the region including: Movement, Energy, Living, Ecology, Economy and Jobs, Health, Lifestyle, Culture and Education.
The strategy looked to create ‘a new beginning’ for the region, one with a more mixed, diverse and urban place connected to the unique character of the local natural environment.The plan established a regional strategy through strengthening local environments and preserving and enhancing unique contrasts artificial/natural, geometric/organic, continuous/segmented, villages/towns, valleys/plateaus. It created a series of new couronnes or ‘crowns’ linking existing resources and strengthening the regional image as the territory develops over time. A clear identity would emerge which would be inherently connected to this special place. Each ‘crown’ had a different focus and use determined by its location and sorrounding settlements and landscape character.

OIN: Ile de France