Location: Monteverde, Rome_Italy
Status: Completed in 2015
Program: Interior renovation and furniture design
Size: 110mq
Client: Private Commission
Architect: Ilaria Di Carlo
Project Team: Ilaria Di Carlo , Elena Rampi
Contractor: Dueddigroup

The project is the renovation of an apartment in a typical 1970’s building with a rather chaotic internal configuration without a clear distinction between the living and sleeping areas and with the rooms arranged along a quite narrow and dark corridor.
The client had requested a renovation that included the addition of a bathroom, a better interior layout and a kind of 'minimal' and clean atmosphere, but yet warm and welcoming.
The plan was then totally transformed by grouping the sleeping area in a part of the apartment while the rest was left completely open to create a large brightly lit living area, onto which an open kitchen and a separate volume containing the services (two bathrooms , laundry and valet) would look out.
The volume of services has been separated from the ceiling and the floor with long perimeter shadow gaps containing some LED straps that, when lit, give the volume a suspended and floating effect.

Great attention was paid to the selection of materials and their combinations. It wanted to limit the color palette to a few shades of the same kind, preferring instead spatial articulation to pass through a material diversification of surfaces illuminated by the sun during different times of the day. The resin on the ground and on the kitchen counter changes shades, with a shiny effect, from a chocolate brown in the morning hours, at a more subdued color sand during the afternoon. The 'Patina' treatment of the volume, totally opaque and grainy , fluctuates between taupe and gray, and the embroidered three-dimensional tiles in the bathrooms, depending on the illumination, light up pink rather than ecru.

Monteverde Flat